How-to-Ace-the-Market – Workshop

The path to product-market fit!

Most startups still fail because they create a solution for which there is no real market need! Even though failure is not an issue nowadays, but can be seen as an opportunity to learn, it is still important for founders to keep the risk of “hitting a wall” as low as possible.

How then could a founder best find out whether his or her idea is really worthwhile? Is it possible to assess whether this idea will eventually turn into the right product and the startup into the next sought-after unicorn? In most cases, it all starts with the right understanding of customer needs. In an interactive session, participants of this workshop will discover the key elements to consider when developing their ideas, get an introduction to useful frameworks and develop new perspectives on their own business.


  • Intro to product-market fit
  • Market analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Principles of business development

Francesco Pisani joined EY in 2015. His work as a Senior Manager focuses on business models and innovation as well as pricing strategies and partnerships. He is EMEIA Deputy Startup Leader, co-initiator and programme leader of the EY Startup Academy and guest lecturer at various universities.  

When?: 18th October, 5:30-8pm

Where?: Digital event 


Your Ideation Team!



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