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8 Co-Founders looking to team up with you

Roman Schulz


I am looking for a business partner who can write a business plan and implement it as a manager

business plan, implement it as a manager, SEO, marketing, presentation, consulting, sales, management, data science, ERP, SAP, blockchain, trader, management consultant, financial advisor, accountant
Bitcoin, Blockchain, cryptocurrency

Martin Schupeta

Banker, Brewer, Headhunter

I am looking to team up with a dedicated full-time co-founder (any gender) with a matching personality and skill set.

a co-founder with a matching personality set
Banking, Finance, HR, FMCG, Digital

Severin Wolff

Marketing, Development, Sales

I want to create a Stock Market where you can invest your money on athlete values.

Co Founder with Software and Blockchain Skills

26 Ideas/Startups are looking for you as Co-Founder

Trading bots

cryptocurrency trading bot

HELLO WORLD I have a startup idea to develop a cryptocurrency trading bot. In addition to technical aspects, I am [...]

SEO, Marketing, Präsentation, Beratung, Verkauf, Management, Data science, ERP, SAP, Blockchain trader, Unternehmensberater, Finanzberater, Buchhalter
Bitcoin, ESG, Data Analytics


Data-Driven-Engineering, Software, Automation

At Kaiika we are developing data-driven software solutions for the design and development of Power Electronic Systems

Software Developer, Data Scientist, B2B Product Manager, Control Engineer
Electrical Power Engineering


Advertising Platform AI

We develop an advertising platform, that enables user to find products in their neighbourhood.    

Co-Founder for EXIST-Gründerstipendium


agriculture tech start-up

Wir wollen ein skalierbares Unternehmen aufbauen, was Zukunfts- und Innovationsgetrieben arbeitet.

A passionated person with a hands on mentality
agriculture, tech


booking platform for personal development

Be part of a team and build a platform that guides through the jungle of the market for personal development.

Chief marketing officer


Modular Home Farming, Community-Driven, Automated System

If you have experience in the IT sector (databases, sensors, automation technologies, app/web design), this co-founder matching is for you!

Head of IT Infrastructure
Vertical Farming


Modular Home Farming, Community-Driven, Automated System

If you have experience in agri-food sciences (nutrition, health and food trends, industrial microbiology), this co-founder position is for you!

Head of Biotech and Nutrition
Vertical Farming

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