Alexander Barkey

Business administration
I am looking for an opportunity to jointly build a tech startup
Technology startup (all kinds of tech)

About me:

After studying business administration at the University of Mannheim, I joined McKinsey as a consultant in Düsseldorf. My work there focused on strategy and growth topics in a diverse set of industries, mainly in Automotive, Energy, Agriculture, Chemistry. Right now, I am pursuing my PhD at the chair for Entrepreneurship & Innovation of Prof. Brettel. After finishing up my PhD in fall this year, I want to dedicate myself to building a tech startup. In my free time I enjoy playing handball, doing sports in general and reading (non-fiction). In case you are wondering, German is my first language. I am just writing this text in English to also address non-German co-founders.

What makes me special:

I can navigate new industries and topics quickly and love solving business problems. I am passionate about working with highly motivated people on tough challenges to create and build something new that ideally has a profound impact. Apart from that, let’s just get to know each other.

How my perfect match looks like:

My perfect match brings technological expertise and a business idea that builds on that technological expertise. I see my role in ensuring that the idea turns into a viable business.

4 weeks ago