Black Capture

Carbon Capturing Membranes
We develop a modular carbon capturing plant based on membranes to filter CO2 from flue gasses in the heavy industry.
Technical Co-Founder
Martin Pietrowski

About us:

We are a team of 3, mainly working on the business and technical concept. Currently we search for technical expertise in plant design so that we can make our idea of a CO2 neutral industry into reality. We work together with a huge private institute to secure a highly efficient membrane for Carbon Capturing.

Type of Co-Founder we are looking for:

We’re looking for someone who knows how to build an industrial plant. From the process to the planning to the manufacturing. If there is something you don’t know, you should be able to ask a person from your network (colleagues, professors, etc.). You should have experience in at least building laboratory plants.

You should be able to work for yourself but also in collaboration with others.

You should be able to know your tasks and stick to them.

You should be able to learn different things simultaneously.

Required Qualifications:

Study of process engineering/engineering or similar.

Practical experience in building stuff. Experience with gasses.

What we offer:

We offer you the possibility to achieve true impact in the world. With our solution we could potentially reduce almost all non avoidable CO2 emissions in the heavy industry. This is the biggest challenge in our live we ever did, and we are sure it will also be yours, if you decide to work with us. Expect huge learning curves and experience almost no one else gets. You will be the lead developer for the carbon capturing plant. We have a rough concept, e.g. modularity, software strategies, the membrane itself. You will take these puzzle pieces to make the big picture in form of a plant we can provide to customers worldwide.

The first step will be to plan and build a pilot plant for one of our potential customers in the cement industry. This will be your first task where we will support you where ever possible.

Our team consists of the following:

  1. Process engineer & Finances
  2. Zeolite membrane scientist (finishing his PHD)
  3. Business development, Computer Scientist

Our team founded several startups in the past already. We know what we’re getting into.

3 months ago