Platform, Friendship, Algorithm
Looking for a CTO / Developer to join our journey!
CTO / Developer
Caroline S

About us:

We are developing a platform to match women with their best friends via a personality based algorithm to fight loneliness and therefore diseases like depression.

Type of Co-Founder we are looking for:

Get in touch if you want something exiting but meaningful!

Be enthusiastic to create a platform for women with women and different personalities and backgrounds e.g. law and psychology.

Work hard, play hard. I believe in team work but also honest feedback! I have a lot of energy and if I have a goal I am working hard until I got what I want. Also I am also unconventional and thinking outside the box but I can work well with other personalities, too 😉

Required Qualifications:

You would need to either know how to code as our developer or have a great network to developers and understand how IT works as the CTO.

What we offer:

A young start up with passion which is moving forward fast. A user base and an MVP and future funds to develop our own website and app.

4 months ago