Oliver Rippel

PhD student in Computer Vision
Looking to found a tech startup with a business idea centered around computer vision
Technology Startup with focus on Computer Vision

About me:

I am currently finishing my PhD in computer vision at the Institute of Imaging & Computer Vision, supervised by Prof. Dorit Merhof. In my research, I focused on Deep Learning-based Anomaly Detection for Automated Visual Inspection, and made significant contributions to the field. After finishing my PhD this year, I want to convert my research to a viable business model and found a tech startup. I am also open to other business ideas, so long as they are centered around computer vision.

In my free time, I like doing sports (running + calisthenics), cooking and reading.

What makes me special:

I love challenges and learning from them. Furthermore, I learn quickly, and am able to communicate well. I am a team-player that is eager to work in a (bigger) team of intrinsically-motivated people again, after 5 years of PhD life.

How my perfect match looks like:

My perfect match brings business and entrepreneurial expertise which we can use to flesh-out and validate my initial business idea.

2 weeks ago