Software Startup (by Svante May)

automation technology
Want to become a co-founder? Able to launch an app? Then you are exactly right here!
Svante May

About us:

It is time for me to make a difference in the world. That’s why I’m currently building a start-up. However, I am still alone and therefore looking for a co-founder. Here is my idea:

Boredom? The feeling of doing nothing? A day that just flows away? And lots of things that one could have done, but did not. And a lot more things to do but not thought of. The 5 minutes scattered throughout the day on the bus, on the Toilet, brushing your teeth – or the 48 hours of a weekend.

I want to develop an app that fixes exactly this problem, regardless of the age group. An app that prevents the user from boredom by turning them into adventure tickle, productivity, togetherness, relaxation (etc.). The app is supposed to be a selection of user-regional and daily updated activities and will be sorted by user reviews.

Type of Co-Founder we are looking for:

Ideally, I am looking for a co-founder for a long-term collaboration. We should reach the aim of a solid result within 3 months. After this period the app should be launched in the App Store and Google Play Store. After this point the real work of improving and updating follows.

• Existence of technical competence (app development and launching)
• Great commitment
• Available time capacities (approx. 9 hours per week)
• Ability to work in a team
What I can offer:
• Partnership
• Flexible working hours
• Homeoffice
• Start-up experience
• The impact to make the world a better place
6 months ago